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Enjoy a faster orthodontic treatment with Six Month Smiles®! Orthodontic treatment typically takes 18 to 30 months to complete, but with Six Month Smiles, you can complete your treatment in (you guessed it!) an average time of six months!

Our dentists and team at SA Dental have chosen to provide Six Month Smiles due to the fact that it combines modern orthodontic advances with proven treatment techniques. This results in a treatment that is not only faster than average but is more comfortable and more hygienic so that your smile will remain healthy during your treatment. Additionally, Six Month Smiles is available using both traditional metal brackets and wires as well as “clear,” or tooth-colored, brackets and wires. By using tooth-colored brackets, your braces will blend more into your teeth to give you a more discreet treatment.

Aside from being faster than normal braces, Six Month Smiles is very affordable. In fact, in many cases, it is more affordable than traditional orthodontic treatment, clear aligner therapy or veneers.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Leo Man and Dr. Roxanne Ramirez and learn more about the benefits of Six Month Smiles in Santa Ana, California, we welcome you to contact our office at 714-852-3140.