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Tired of a dull smile and stained teeth? Teeth whitening in Santa Ana, California, could be the solution for you! Professional teeth whitening treatments can quickly renew your beautiful smile and restore a brilliant white shine to your teeth.

Teeth tend to become dull over time due to aging, diet, medication, illness, poor dental hygiene, using tobacco products or other factors. While over-the-counter whitening options are common and can be purchased at most stores, they are not nearly as effective or as easy a solution as a professional whitening treatment.

Both in-office and take-home teeth whitening are available. Both types of whitening rely on a special whitening gel, which works to break down discoloration on your teeth to improve your smile. In-office whitening takes about 45 minutes to complete while take-home whitening relies on custom-made whitening trays that are worn at home as directed by our dentists. When you visit SA Dental, our dentists and team will review both options with you and help you choose the option that is most convenient for you.

You will need to touch up your smile every so often following a whitening treatment. Teeth whitening is not permanent, and your teeth will gradually become dull or stained over time. However, touching up your teeth periodically will ensure that you can continue to enjoy a beautiful, white smile.

Contact us today at 714-852-3140 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Leo Man and Dr. Roxanne Ramirez and learn more abut teeth whitening in Santa Ana, California.