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One of the problems caused by periodontal disease is gum recession. Gum recession is a serious problem for your oral health, as it exposes your tooth roots and increases your risk of tooth loss. Other factors that contribute to gum recession include overaggressive brushing, poor dental hygiene and using tobacco products.

Gum recession occurs gradually in the early development of gum disease, which can make it difficult to self-diagnose. Some common signs of gum recession include tooth sensitivity, exposed tooth roots, inflammation, gums that bleed easily, bad breath and teeth that appear longer than usual. We strongly encourage you to meet with our dentists regularly to be checked for signs of periodontal disease and gum recession so that you can receive treatment as quickly as possible.

If you have severe gum recession, our dentists may recommend tissue grafting to resolve the problem and help you regain healthy gums. Also known as soft tissue grafting or gum grafting, this procedure involves taking gum tissue from another area of your mouth and stitching it onto the areas where your gum tissue has receded. Our dentists may also use tissue-stimulating proteins to encourage faster healing.

For more information about gum recession and tissue grafting in Santa Ana, California, contact SA Dental at 714-852-3140. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you schedule a consultation with Dr. Leo Man or Dr. Roxanne Ramirez.