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Dr. Leo Man and Dr. Roxanne Ramirez may recommend a dental bridge if you are missing teeth. Bridges are prosthetic teeth and are designed to replace missing teeth to restore your smile and bite. Bridges are generally recommended to replace a single tooth or several missing teeth in a row.

A dental bridge is a “fixed” restoration, meaning that it cannot be removed from your mouth by anyone other than a dentist once it has been placed. Bridges consist of a replacement tooth or teeth with a crown on either side. These crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth or fixed to implants to anchor the bridge in place and ensure that it remains secure and stable in your mouth.

Benefits of dental bridges include:

  • A restored ability to chew, speak and eat normally
  • A more even bite and less stress on your bite
  • Keeping your remaining teeth straight and correctly aligned
  • Replacing removable oral appliances (such as a partial denture) with a long-term solution
  • Supporting the shape and volume of your face to improve your appearance

Dental bridges can typically be completed in just two appointments at SA Dental.

To schedule a consultation with our dentists and find out if dental bridges in Santa Ana, California, are right for you, contact SA Dental today at 714-852-3140.