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The third molars, more commonly known as “wisdom teeth,” are usually the very last teeth to come in. By the time they erupt, there is almost never enough space to accommodate them, leading to a variety of problems for your teeth and overall oral health. Wisdom teeth eruption often causes impacted teeth, damage to adjacent teeth, infection and inflammation, tooth decay, damage to your jawbone, and changes to the alignment of the teeth.

By removing the wisdom teeth from your mouth, our dentists can help you avoid these complications and keep your mouth healthy. We will monitor the development and eruption of your teeth so that we can evaluate the position of your wisdom teeth when they start coming in. This will help us determine if extraction is necessary. This evaluation will include the use of dental X-rays to determine the position of the teeth and aid in planning the extraction procedure.

Dr. Leo Man and Dr. Roxanne Ramirez will provide you with anesthetic and sedation options to minimize your discomfort during your wisdom teeth extraction. We will also provide post-op instructions to help you recover following your procedure.

To schedule your consultation and learn more about wisdom teeth extraction in Santa Ana, California, contact SA Dental today at 714-852-3140.